Banking Licenses and Offshore Banking

Banking Licenses have checked many jurisdictions around the world who maintain to issue banking licenses. Vanuatu looks good but extremely expensive and had some adverse problems some years back. St Kitts and Panama have lots of red tape as do many other jurisdictions. Gambia is a new Jurisdiction and Anjouan still looks good and competitive We have listed all that is required for Gambia & Anjouan Banking Licenses

Offshore Banking Licenses from Gambia & Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd can assist with many offshore financial products, particularly offshore Banking Licenses and offshore International Business Companies. The key to their strategy is to make life as simple as possible, by quickly and efficiently executing their clients' demands. Both jurisdictions provide all the flexibility that is required when facilitating the issue of offshore Banking Licenses and general offshore banking business.

They can provide an offshore Banking licences in less than a week ( subject to and after the due diligence has been completed ) and the Incorporation of International Business Company in less than a day (subject to status). They both pride themselves on a quick and efficient turn-around whilst maintaining the highest of standards at all times. Gambia offers full banking services however Anjouan does not provide any banking services although they say they are able to introduce clients to companies who can help in all these banking services including Correspondent bank accounts.

Owning an offshore bank with an offshore Banking License has always been perceived as a symbol of wealth and power by both the public and the International business world.

An Offshore Bank License can be an excellent strategic financial tool for a variety of Internet, international offshore banking, finance or corporate transactions Gambia and Anjouan provides the perfect offshore banking jurisdictional venue for establishing an Offshore Banking License, and can be set up in a relatively short amount of time -and with relatively low fees.

An Offshore Banking License can allow you to provide legally valid references to other banks; protect your assets worldwide, both onshore and offshore; have control over credit and debit cards; provide payment and deposit services; offer credit letters, guarantees and loans; and a variety of banking transactions performed by almost any other onshore or offshore banking institution.

Other benefits to having an Offshore Banking License are: No taxes, including corporation, income, capital gains, withholding, inheritance and estate taxes; all imports of banking equipment are duty-free; no exchange controls; and no stamp duties.

There are still however many Individual and corporate clients who are looking for International Business Companies and secure offshore Banking Licenses. Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd is the only authorised agent appointed by the Legislative Assembly of the Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority for the marketing of all offshore banking licenses and Gambia's legal free zone is authorised by the Financial services of The Gambia.

Obtaining an offshore banking license is a relatively quick process due to the lack of bureaucracy. Approval for an offshore banking license can be granted swiftly if the necessary requirements are met. There are no requirements for local offices or staff, although local offices can be arranged at a minimal cost.

Only a CLASS B (or class 11) banking license is granted in both jurisdictions. This is a full-unrestricted offshore banking licence. It encompasses banking business and investment offshore banking business conducted in all major foreign currencies. Services such as fund administration, custodial services, trusteeship, international portfolio management, money market and other treasury operations may also be undertaken by an offshore bank with an Offshore Banking License (See conditions of Offshore Banking License).

A banking license is an authorization from a regulating body that enables a person or group to open a financial institution in a particular jurisdiction. The banking industry in most countries is highly regulated. Banking is a core component of a country’s economy, and the license requirements are typically strict to stave off bank failures and the collapse of public confidence. Only those individuals or corporations that have been thoroughly investigated are allowed to provide banking services to the public.

The definition of a bank differs depending upon the country at issue and the legal system that is in place. Generally, a bank is a financial institution that accepts deposits from the public and then lends the money under its control to other individuals and entities at an agreed upon rate of interest. The bank keeps a record of the customer’s deposits on account and is required to provide the customer with access to his funds upon demand. Since there is a high degree of trust involved in the process, a banking license is only granted in instances where the regulators are convinced there is no risk that the people running the bank will default on its obligations to the public.

If Gambia or Anjouan does not satisify your requirements, Banking Licenses will be happy to direct you to other jurisductions who will be able to help you.

Please note the information on this web site has been obtained from, the Free Zone in Gambia and Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd and we cannot guarantee its content.